Images from Chapter 9 - Redbill of Greenpeace

Redbill's first day out as a Greenpeace vessel, January 1990. (Copyright Frank Hewetson.)
Action at Electrolytic Zinc factory, Hobart, March 1990. (Copyright Frank Hewtson.)
Redbill from the bowsprit, 1990. (Copyright Sandy Scheltema.)
The Turtle Survey crew: from lower left, Angus, Wizz, Peter, Alison Foster, Jim Anderson, Bim McHugh, Trevor Daly. (Copyright Peter Malcolm.)
Redbill's main cabin, with carved official number. (Copyright Peter Malcolm.)
The Pacific Campaign crew: from left, unknown, Peter Malcolm, Philip Pupuka, Stephanie Mills, Alice Leney, Garry Scholes. (Copyright Peter Malcolm.)
Garry Scholes and the infamous BBC tree, Savai'i, Western Samoa. (Copyright Peter Malcolm.)