Images from Chapter 10 - A Sanctuary with Sails

Painting the bow during the refit, Tasmania, 1993. (Copyright Peter Malcolm.)
Teenagers from the LEAP youth project performing at Southbank. (Copyright Peter Malcolm.)
Sailing on Port Phillip, Melbourne city skyline behind. (Copyright Peter McConchie.)
Redbill in Bass Strait. (Copyright Tim Oddie.)
The Redbill Youth Challenge: at rear, Peter Malcolm, Tim Oddie. Middle row from left: Tim Simmonds, Garry McKechnie, Amanda, Mark, Kate Lewers (front), Narelle, Troy, Josh, Kody. (Copyright Saltwater Projects.)
Filming on Erith Island. (Copyright Peter Malcolm.)
The `oldies' on Redbill: From left, Peter Malcolm, Tim Simmonds, Kate Lewers, Garry McKechnie, Tim Oddie. (Copyright Saltwater Projects.)
Sailing home at the end of the Redbill Youth Challenge. (Copyright Tim Oddie.)
Cornelius (built 1953) in pearling days. (Copyright Tony Larard.)