Images from Chapter 8 - Of Islands and Icefloes

Thursday Island luggers against a dramatic sky. (Copyright Northern Territory Archives Service, NTRS 1434, item 217.)
Luggers drying their sails in the harbour at Thursday Island. (Copyright Cocky Watkins.)
Lugger Intombi leaving Fremantle to go pearling in the north-west, 1980. Intombi was rebuilt in 1929 on the foreshore beside Redbill. (Copyright Tony Larard.)
Peter Malcolm on Southern Quest in 1984. (Copyright Peter Malcolm.)
Redbill beside a confiscated Taiwanese fishing boat, Cairns harbour, mid-1980s. (Copyright Gerry Holmes.)
Final moments of Southern Quest, January 1986. (Copyright John Elder.)
Redbill under sail after restoration, mid-1980s. (Copyright Gerry Holmes.)
Redbill at sunrise, Sydney 1989. (Copyright Peter Malcolm.)