Images from Chapter 5 - A Fleet No More

Probably Heather before being commissioned into the Navy as a patrol vessel in the north-west during WWII. (Copyright Tony Larard.) (Alternatively, this may be Thistle, which held the licence number B6 after the war.)
Pam and Roslynne after the war, when working with Paspaley Pearls. Roslynne was very probably the renamed Gregory lugger Arthur Rose. (Copyright Helyar Collection, Northern Territory Library.)
HMAS St Francis with two Aboriginal crewmen during wartime. Note the Navy hull mark of SF - Redbill's was RB. (Copyright Duncan Jenkins Collection, Northern Territory Library.)
Redbill's lost twin Ibis in earlier years, careened on the foreshore, Darwin 1930s. (Copyright Northern Territory Archives Service, NTRS 1854, item 1614.)
Wartime photo of either Redbill or Ibis. (Copyright Lloyd Thornton.)