Images from Chapter 6 - Top Boat

Diver John Childs on a lugger with the tools of the trade: lifeline, diving boots, shell bag and helmet. (Copyright Dick Sonners.)
Redbill crew with Dick Sonners in diving dress, tiny parrot on his shoulder. (Copyright Dick Sonners.)
Hilton `Curly' Bell preparing to dive; from his air of exhaustion he has probably been down several times already that day. (Copyright Dick Sonners.)
Dick Sonners applying red lead during the rebuild of Redbill in early 1954. (Copyright Dick Sonners.)
Stepping the masts at Doctors Gully in 1954. (Copyright National Archives of Australia, A1200, L17918.)
Redbill laden with bags of pearlshell, photographed from Editha. (Copyright Dick Sonners.)
Redbill's new Japanese crewmen with Dick Sonners, 1955. (Copyright Dick Sonners.)
The outstation at Sudest, Louisiade Archipelago, Papua, late 1950s. (Copyright Dick Sonners.)
Papuan crew and pearlshell on Redbill's deck. (Copyright Dick Sonners.)
Darwin Harbour, 1967: Pam, Roslynne and White Star, ex Bintang Puteh. (Copyright Steve Lorman Collection, Northern Territory Library.)