Images from Chapter 4 - HMAS Redbill

View of Darwin Harbour from land, early in the bombing, 19th February 1942. MV Barossa on fire at the wharf and HMAS Platypus, mother ship of the Navy luggers, on the right. (Copyright John Boyd Selman Collection, Northern Territory Library.)
The moment of SS Neptuna's explosion, seen from sea; HMAS Deloraine left, HMAS Katoomba in the floating dock middle, a lifeboat mid-foreground, SS Zealandia burning and sinking on the right. (Copyright White Collection, Northern Territory Library.)
The twisted girders of the bombed jetty in front of the flying boat terminal. (Copyright R. Black Collection, Northern Territory Library.)
Coastal steamer Koolinda before the war resting on the mud beside Broome jetty, showing the enormous rise and fall of north-west tides. (Copyright C.A.Beurle Collection, Northern Territory Library.)
The bombing of Broome, 3 March 1942, from a Japanese observation plane. At left is smoke from the bombed airport; the pale smudge below is the Japanese cemetery. To the right of the cemetery is Broome township and the long jetty. In the middle is winding Dampier Creek, and to the far right are smoke plumes from burning flying-boats, casting a giant shadow over Roebuck Bay. (Copyright Jeremy Green.)
Children and adults at Tatura internment camp, Victoria, 1943 (detail). (Copyright Kilgariff Collection, Northern Territory Library.)
Captain Gregory. (Copyright Pam Gregory Nielsen.) "In Broome the empty foreshore was emptier still for the loss of that vital, clever man who loved building luggers."