Images from Chapter 3 - Incursions and Empires

Newly rebuilt Redbill at low tide among the mangroves at Darwin, 1930s. (Copyright Northern Territory Archives Service, NTRS 320 Levitt.) This photo was taken by Yasukichi Murakami.
Theresa and Yasukichi Murakami in the 1930s. (Copyright Kilgariff Collection, Northern Territory Library.) Note Theresa's stylish shoes and outfit.
Mother schooner and fleet of luggers in a striking group portrait at Darwin in the early years of the century. (Copyright Northern Territory Archives Service, F318 Kilgour.) The schooner is probably Gwendoline, belonging to HC Edwards.
Flying Foam, Ibis and Arthur Rose at Darwin Harbour, between 1935 and 1940. (Copyright Mayse Young Collection, Northern Territory Library.)
Redbill with her Japanese and Koepanger crew at Dinah Beach, Darwin, 1930s. (Copyright Spillett Collection, Northern Territory Library.) This is likely to have been taken by Murakami, both from the relaxed attitudes of the crewmen and the organisation of the photo - very similar to one of Theresa and family friends with a car, PH0096/0027, Kilgariff Collection, Northern Territory Library.)
Captain Gregory in the mid-1930s. (Copyright Pam Gregory Nielsen.) "The pearling masters were growing old and the world was changing around them, faster than anyone could have imagined in those last sweet years of peace."
Ancell Gregory and fashionably-dressed daughter Pam in Penang, 1939. (Copyright Pam Gregory Nielsen.)