Images from Chapter 2 - The Phantom Fleet

Ancell Gregory, wearing pearler's tropical whites, on the verandah in about 1916. (Copyright Pam Gregory Nielsen.)
Kate Gregory on the verandah in about 1916, shortly after marriage to Ancell Gregory. (Copyright Pam Gregory Nielsen.)
Interior of the Gregory house at Broome, 1920s. (Copyright Pam Gregory Nielsen.) The building is now the art gallery on Hamersley St, Broome.
Yasukichi Murakami on Gregory's verandah in about 1916. (Copyright Broome Historical Society).
Australian-born Theresa Murakami in traditional dress on a visit to Japan, 1914. (Copyright Kilgariff Collection, Northern Territory Library.)
Thursday Island luggers racing, date unknown. (Copyright Tony Larard.) Note the rectangular stern.
Kate and Ancell Gregory in the garden shortly after the birth of their daughter in 1921. (Copyright Pam Gregory Nielsen.)
Lugger Ida with her rebuilt hull in the mid-1920s. (Copyright Pam Gregory Nielsen.) The figure leaning against the mast, smoking, may be Gregory.
A new Gregory lugger under construction in the 1920s. (Copyright National Archives of Australia, MP138/1, 603/201/2336.) Note the clipper bow and exposed deadwoods - from the boat's proportions it is possible that this is actually Redbill herself in 1929.
Rebuilt Postboy winning the Broome Regatta, Captain Gregory at the helm, December 1928. (Copyright Broome Historical Society.)
Gregory fleet manager Jock de Castilla on a lugger in the 1920s. He is wearing pyjamas, the usual outfit of shell-openers at sea. (Copyright Margo Beilby.)
Gregory and impish daughter Pam, in Perth about 1928. (Copyright Pam Gregory Nielsen.) "... the slight melancholy in his face that always lay beneath the good cheer, and a tiredness that was new."