Images from Chapter 1 - Shell Games

Broome Fleet sailing out, around 1900-1910. The 1904 lugger Redbill had a straight stem like the boat on the far right. (Copyright National Archives of Australia, MP138/1, 603/201/2336.)
A Redbill bird, Haematopus fuliginosus. (Copyright Paul Hackett.)
Parkes and Co. luggers in the Montebello Islands in 1913. Redbill's sister ship Ibis, O6, is at the left, showing the star insignia of the company. Note the men in dinghies at the stern. The lugger on the right may be Redbill. Another Parkes lugger is obscured by Thistle, owned by Nyman, in the middle. (Copyright Battye Library, 86493P.)
Captain Ancell Clement Gregory, master pearler, about 1910. (Copyright Margo Beilby.) "Handsome and daring, with a touch of a polished showman in his makeup, but capable too of violent outbursts of temper." - MA Bain.
Mr Yasukichi Murakami, trader, photographer and inventor, about 1910. (Copyright Kilgariff Collection, Northern Territory Library.) Gregory's business colleague and friend for thirty-four years.
Damaged luggers after a cyclone: Miss Withers' boat Whiteboy, dismasted, right foreground. (Copyright Pam Gregory Nielsen.) This was taken after the cyclone of 23 January 1926 at Broome.
Miss Elizabeth Withers, pearler of Broome, about 1910. (Copyright Battye Library, 213859P.) Miss Withers owned a number of luggers over the years - her wise eyes, sardonic smile and capable hands are intriguing, but very little is known about her.
Fleming Clement Gregory, about 1915. (Copyright Peter Clarke.) Known as Dick Gregory, he was the younger brother of Ancell Gregory. He died in WWI at Gaza on 29 November 1917.