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New! Atomic Sea

Atomic Sea by C. M. Lance is a contemporary thriller set in north-west Australia. It was published as an ebook in February 2016 by Seabooks Press. Some of its characters appear earlier in The Turning Tide.

First came Chernobyl, the nuclear power station that contaminated most of Europe. Then Fukushima, pounded into radioactive rubble by a tsunami. And now … Broome?

Burnt-out scientist Lena Whalen is at a conference in Broome about an amazing new nuclear-waste reprocessing plant named Worm Turning, fast-tracked after a recent disaster. Everyone loves Worm Turning – a certain Great Power even says it’ll take full responsibility for any pollution or security problems. Unfortunately it’s lying about why.

Lena’s techie sister Jessie arrives for a holiday, but when life onshore becomes surprisingly threatening their only refuge is skipper Simon’s old lugger. Unfortunately Simon is lying too.

Floating just off Broome is a blue boat carrying two corpses and a glowing cargo.

The grand gala opening of Worm Turning is just days away.

A distant cyclone called Cyril is on the move.

And Lena discovers being stuck on a committee isn’t her worst nightmare after all.

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The Turning Tide

The Turning Tide by C. M. Lance is a romantic drama set in Australia and Asia, published in August 2014 by Allen & Unwin, ISBN 9781760110741. Some of its characters appear in Atomic Sea, three decades later.

The Turning Tide is a sweeping saga of secrets, love and consequences: the story of Mike Whalen, who trained as a commando in 1942 at rugged Wilsons Prom and fought against the Japanese in Timor. Now an academic in his sixties, more damaged than he realises, he meets Lena, the granddaughter of his glamorous old friends Helen and Johnny. When Johnny died in the war it left Mike with a burden of secrets, and as Lena draws him back into the life of her family his painful memories threaten to overwhelm him.

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Alan Villiers

Alan Villiers: Voyager of the Winds is a biography by Kate Lance, published in 2009 by the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK. It won the Mountbatten Maritime Award 2009 for Best Literary Contribution.

This biography of Alan Villiers is both a memorial to the greatest sailing ships ever launched and to the extraordinary man who loved them. Australian journalist Alan Villiers sailed on the last giant merchant windjammers during the 1920s and 1930s. This biography, drawn from his personal diaries, explores the talented man who crewed on magnificent Herzogin Cecilie, part-owned the Grain Race winner Parma, sailed the tiny ship Joseph Conrad around the world, commanded Allied landing craft in World War II, and inspired modern sail training and ship-preservation schemes.

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Redbill: From Pearls to Peace is a maritime history by Kate Lance, published in 2004 by the Fremantle Press. Redbill won the Western Australian Premier's Book Award 2004 for Non-Fiction.

Redbill is the true story of a sailing boat's voyage through a century of Australian history. She began life as a lugger owned by the buccaneering pearling master Captain Gregory, then during the Pacific War, as naval vessel HMAS Redbill, she was bombed in Darwin by the Japanese. In the 1990s she worked for Greenpeace, raised funds for East Timor refugees, and reunited a young Aboriginal man with his family. Finally, Redbill took on an epic voyage around the coast of Australia, to return to the North-West and her greatest challenge yet: Rosita, the most powerful tropical cyclone to strike Broome in ninety years ...

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